Through the snow and hail I managed to get to Most Curious Wedding Fair in London in early March but it wasn't easy - hopefully I won't be sat in Margate train station for 3 hours and not get on a train again soon!

Anyway, my primary reason for being at the show was to support my supremely talented friend Megan Metcalf with the launch of her new service ; The House Of Love Illustration

As a experienced, published illustrator, Megan has turned her pens to bringing her reportage sketching to engagement parties and weddings. Her sketching preserves memories and creates a unique form of entertainment for your party and after the day it would be far more normal to frame a sketch photo of yourselves than be those wierdos with wedding photos up all around the house (am I right?).

Look how amazing she looks in her orange suit from Maison Marine  & her epic ART ATTACK vibed set up...

While Megan got busy doing what she does best I manned her stall with my best salesperson hat on and got a hell of a lot of interest for The House Of Love Illustration's unique offering.

Margate was truly represented at Most Curious as the ever amazing Georgina Roberton was involved in styling the catwalk (you'll probably know her best as the visionary behind Peony Vintage ) . Happily my 'Harvest Moon' dress made it into the FLOWER POWER catwalk masterminded by Luke Renee with this particular look on model Zimone with an AM Faulkner veil put together by Lianne at Blonde Army. Make-up and hair was created by Lucy Jones